We’re finally getting a sequel to The Last of Us: Remastered

We’re finally getting a sequel to The Last of Us: Remastered

The Last Of Us: Part 2 is getting a digital download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You’ll need an internet connection to download it.

It’s currently set to arrive in early November.

We spoke with the game’s lead producer on Twitter today, and we asked if the game would return to the survival horror genre, and how the new game might fit in with the sequel.

The Last of us 2.0 is a brand new story set in the fictional city of Chicago, Illinois, where the player plays Joel and Ellie, two survivors who find themselves trapped inside a nuclear fallout shelter after a series of deadly events.

We were really looking forward to the idea of revisiting the survival-horror genre, but at the same time we really wanted to make a game that would have a lot of depth, a lot more content and a lot less repetition.

That’s where the digital download came in.

It was really a great opportunity to really make sure we can make it as fresh and exciting as possible.

We’ll be releasing The Last As part of our digital bundle, which includes a free digital copy of the game, a free PS4 controller, a new character named Ellie, and a free copy of The Last, our first DLC pack.

It’ll be out later this year.

We’re also releasing The Final Chapter, a sequel in the same vein as The Last.

It will be out in early 2019.

The Last is a much bigger story and has much more depth and more content, so we’re going to keep releasing the sequel over time, but it’ll be much bigger in terms of content and more complex.

I can’t tell you when it will be coming out.

We will announce that at a later date.

What will we get with the digital bundle?

We’ve got a free physical copy of a free version of the main game, The Last and DLC.

So we’re giving you all of that.

We also have a couple of exclusive games that are part of the digital pack, including a new boss fight for the new character Ellie and a new multiplayer mode.

That will also be part of The Final chapter, which we will be releasing later this month.

So you will get the main title, the main story, all of the DLC, the new characters and so on.

You can also get the additional story and the DLC if you buy the physical copy.

So the physical bundle includes all of those.

You’ll get a new digital character, Ellie.

What’s the difference between The Last game and The Last?

You’ll be able to download the game from PSN and Xbox Store, as well as PC.

That way you can enjoy the game on your PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

We hope you enjoy The Last as much as we did making it, so the game is just a lot richer.

And if you want to play it on your PlayStation 4, you’ll get the physical version.

What kind of content will you get with The Last Remastered?

The Last Remastered will include new weapons, maps, environments, bosses, characters and more.

You will also get all the DLC and The Final Chapters, which will be released as a standalone game in 2019.

What are the biggest differences between the PS4 and Xbox version of The Lost and Damned Remastered?

We’ll include the DLCs on both versions, and those are great DLCs.

You get the new weapons that you need for the survival game, which is very much a new kind of game.

We’ll also include a new level.

We are adding a new area called The Last Damned.

There are some new challenges that you’ll need to overcome.

We added some really cool bosses, so it will really be an interesting experience.

What you’re going through is very different to what you were doing before.

We are also adding new maps, which are very cool, so you’ll be seeing more of what the game has to offer.

It feels like The Lost Damned was a much more sandbox game, where you had lots of new areas and locations.

You could explore the area around the city.

We wanted to create a game where you can really experience the story and how Joel and his friends were trying to save the world, but also the world is in danger, and they’re trying to keep it alive and not letting anyone go, so they’re really desperate.

So that’s where The Lost will be very much where we’re looking to build.

It will be a really fun game, and it’s going to be very difficult.

What’s different about The Lost is that it will have a new story.

We’ve seen a lot on social media, a whole lot of people talking about how the game was terrible.

That was very much the thing that was driving the game.

What we’re trying really hard to do is not just make a good game, but to make it that kind of story that


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