How to find the best place to live in Japan

How to find the best place to live in Japan

Japanese city dwellers may be used to looking up from their phones and tablets to take in the sights and sounds of their surroundings, but they have trouble finding the right place to relax and share their thoughts.

In a new series of videos, Al Jazeera is asking Japanese urban dwellers what they would like to do when they’re not busy with work.

They’re all trying to find something different to do while their minds are occupied.

The aim is to give people the chance to make a personal contribution to the city they live in.

One of the participants, Japanese photographer Takashi Nishikawa, has spent time in cities all over the world to capture their own experiences.

He found the perfect spot to do his work, and decided to live with his friends in the countryside of Hokkaido.

“I decided to take my camera with me to Hokkaidō to do my own photography,” he told Al Jazeera.

When we went there, the mountains were amazing.

The snow was white, but the clouds were clear.

There was a lovely waterfall, so I decided to go swimming in it.

I didn’t really feel comfortable in my own skin.

So, I went to the sea and went for a swim in the sea.

That was really relaxing.

Then, I decided that I want to do a photo shoot with some of my friends, and I decided I wanted to do it with a small village, so that’s what I did.

I did a photo of a dog, and then I went out to the forest.

The trees were so beautiful, so we decided to do that, too.

The next day, we went to Hokaidō again, and this time, the mountain scenery was beautiful.

But the water was a little bit cold, so, we decided that we would go out to a river.

So we went out there and we saw a village that was like a big forest.

So I went back there and went out again.

We went to a forest again and we found a big village, which was like an old city.

Then we went back to the mountain again.

So that’s when we decided it was time to go out there again.

But this time we decided we were going to do our own photo shoot.

We did that with three people.

So it was fun, but also challenging.

And I was a bit nervous because I’m used to doing photos, but it was really hard.

But it was the best photo shoot I’ve done so far, so it was a really fun experience.

It was really cool to be able to go outside.

The forest was really beautiful.

The river was so beautiful.

We didn’t see a lot of snow, but there were also trees and there were many birds.

We saw lots of wildlife, too, and it was nice.

One of the things I loved about Hokkaida was the rain.

It’s a rainforest, so the rain was really refreshing.

The other thing that I loved was the people.

I really like that the people there are really kind and kind.

I felt really comfortable and relaxed in the village.

It made me feel like I was home.

It felt like I’m part of this village.

There were also the trees and the water.

The people are so nice, too and they really wanted to help us out.

So the villagers helped us out and helped us get back to our normal life.

We had to go to the store to buy some clothes, and we had to buy a little water for the village so that we could get the water in our pipes and things.

We also had to cook some food, and they cooked a lot.

I really loved that the forest was so nice.

It looked really beautiful, too because of the rain and the trees.

I had a really good time.

The whole time I was in Hokkadia, I was enjoying the scenery.

I was really happy to be in Hokaidowo, and so I wanted my family to be happy.

I wanted everyone in the family to have a good time in Hokidowo.

We were all really happy in Hokkyō as well.

It just felt like a really great place to be.

The place I wanted was Hokkendo, and that’s where my family was.

I’m happy to call Hokkido my home.


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