Why a backpacker is having a better time in America than in Europe

Why a backpacker is having a better time in America than in Europe

There are few things in life that make me happier than my backpack.

But as someone who spent her childhood living in the woods in a remote location, I have never been a big fan of the packrat.

The animal, which is a member of the wolf family, is not known for having any kind of domestication, and its reputation is one of the most derided animals in the world.

As a result, backpackers are frequently ridiculed as being unsavory and ungrateful for their hard work.

However, there are a lot of people out there who are doing just that.

Here are the 10 backpackers who are having a good time in the States.


Nick Fosdick Nick FOSDICK has been traveling the world for about two decades, and he has never seen anything like this.

“I think backpackers should have the right to live in whatever country they want, and I think they should be able to pack up and go wherever they want,” he said.

“The backpacker isn’t a parasite, and you shouldn’t have to live under the same roof as your host.

You should be allowed to travel anywhere you want.”

Fosdinck, a 32-year-old who has been living in Thailand for two years, has been using his backpack to stay on the go for two months.

Fosdenks backpack has been his home for almost a year and he said he enjoys being able to travel from Bangkok to San Francisco without any restrictions.


Jason O’Neill Jason OAPEN is a 31-year old British backpacker who moved to America to study English.

O’Neills family has lived in the country for the past seven years.

“It’s such a unique country and it’s a wonderful place to live, but it’s just really difficult to get around,” he told CNNMoney.

“There are so many laws, regulations, and regulations, that you have to be a very well-educated person to get through it.”

He said he uses his backpack for short trips around the world, but would prefer to pack it up and take it to a friend’s home country.


Alex Hargreaves Alex HAGREAVES lives in South Africa, but he said his backpack was his home.

“In South Africa you have all these laws and regulations and regulations,” he explained.

“So if I want to go to the beach I can just walk to the local park and there’s no problem.”

He’s even tried to pack his backpack up and fly to the US. 4.

Matt Jones Matt Jones is a 28-year veteran of the US Army.

“My backpack is my home,” he stated.

“And I love the outdoors.”

Jones moved to the States in 2010 to become a US Army Ranger.

He is currently in Europe with his wife, a Canadian, and plans to stay there for at least a year.


Alex Degenhardt Alex DEGENHDEN is the founder of backpacker agency PONYTRAIL.

“People in America don’t understand what a backpack is,” he commented.

“They think it’s like a bag, but there’s actually a backpack inside.

It’s called a ‘pack,'” he explained, adding that there are plenty of other types of luggage in the US such as a luggage box, travel bags, and even a backpack.


Michael BRIAN is a 26-year Army veteran who was stationed in Iraq.

“Bin Laden is a real hero,” he added.

He has spent most of his life in the United States, living with his parents and traveling on a variety of different missions.


Brian McElroy Brian McELROY is a 29-year army veteran and former US Army corporal.

He said his pack is his “home,” adding that he uses it to travel for work and to see his wife and kids.

“To me, it’s not just a backpack,” he shared.

“You can use it as a little tool to carry my groceries to the grocery store, or it can just be an awesome little pocketbook.”


Justin Wilson Justin Wilson is a 27-year US Army veteran and the founder and executive director of the National Geographic Traveling Club.

“When I first came to the United State I thought, ‘Well, if I’m going to be here for a while, then I’m not going to need a backpack,'” Wilson told CNN.

He also likes the idea of being able “to go wherever I want.”


Nick Koller Nick KOLTZER lives in a rural area in California and travels to America with his backpack, although he is not sure how many times he will be traveling to the U.S. and back.

“We haven’t had a chance to go and see everything,” he admitted.

“But I think people should be safe and be able take their


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